Random Rant

“From the power of God we are naturally led to consider his eternity since that from which all other things derive their origin must necessarily be selfexistent and eternal. Moreover, if it be asked what cause induced him to create all things at first, and now inclines him to preserve them, we shall find that there could be no other cause than his own goodness.” – John Calvin (Institutes of the Christian Religion 1.5.6)

God’s creating us and leaving us here isn’t ultimately because He has to or because He cares for us. The ultimate reason He doesn’t just wipe us off the face of the earth is because He is a good and just God. He does it for His own glory.

You are not the reason God exists. God is not here to serve you and to bless you and to expand your territory. He exists first and foremost for Himself. Yes, blessings come from God. But He is not somehow obligated to give you things and to bless your life. Just because you claim a promise of the Bible for yourself doesn’t mean that He has to honor that promise in your life.

In fact, I would be willing to risk being liked by the whole world to say that not every promise in the Bible is our’s for the claiming. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna claim a promise of famine and plague and destruction for myself. That seems like a bad move.

God exists first and foremost for Himself. When you acknowledge that and when you live under the banner of truth that God is not your coke machine, your entire worldview will change. Until we put down The Prayer of Jabez and pick up the Bible we won’t have a right understanding of God. Until we stop being purpose driven and start being Spirit driven, we won’t be living the full life that God wants for us to live (John 10:10).

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