Human Enough

We all need to be saying a prayer for Terri Shiavo’s family as she has been murdered.

No matter what side of the debate you may fall on, this one thing remains very clear (at least to me): A human life should not be a debate. We shouldn’t have to debate whether or not an unborn baby is human or not (for the DNA of a human is the same in 2 cells or 3 zillion cells inside of a human mother’s womb when the sperm and egg combine). We shouldn’t have to debate whether or not it is right to cut open a baby’s head while the rest of the baby’s body hangs out from between the woman’s legs and suck the brain out with a vaccum, for isn’t that child a human just like his mother?

Whether somebody lives or dies should not be based on whether someone is more or less human than somebody else. If that is the case, than we may as well all go and kill ourselves because every single one of us is “less human” than somebody else.

I made the analogy the other day and I am going to make it again. If I walked up to one of those mentally and physically handicapped kids who is stuck in the motorized wheelchair all his life and can oly grunt and druel and I would put a gun to his head and blow his brains out and walk away, the courts would not accept a plea of, “I was saving him from pain because his quality of life wasn’t as good as mine”. Yet, in the case of Terry Shiavo, the fact that her quality of life wasn;t as good as her husband’s and the judge’s and pretty much anyone else’s, it was ok for her to be starved to death. In the famous words of Dennis Leary, “WHAT the F**K is THAT about???”

MANY people are blaming the Bushes for this situation. They are even blaming Judge Greer for Shiavo’s death. I don’t think that they are the ones that we should be blaming. Whether someone is human enough to live or die should not be up to the President, Governor, or the Judge. Whether someone is human enough to live shouldn’t even be the decision of her parents or her husband; it shouldn’t be up to me and you. The “human enough” part should be a given. Every person is equally human for we all have human DNA.

As for the life of a particular human…that’s first up to God and secondly up to the human body. If Terri Shiavo didn’t want to live, wouldn’t she have given up and died much sooner than she did? Even if it wasn’t a conscious thing, her body, if it didn’t have the strength to live on its own, would have shut down more quickly than it did. Now, obviously it was God’s time for her to go. And her body showed God’s will to all of us.

Jeb, George, and Greer are not to blame. If any people are to blame, it is her parents and her husband for not being civilized adults and sitting down and working this out. I don’t think her husband was looking out for her best interests. And I don’t think her parents were either. But I don’t even think they are to blame. Instead of blaming the government (which is irnoic that we do that considering we want the government to have LESS say in personal matters and get pissed about National ID Cards and such like things) we need to blame ourselves….the Church

A few decades ago, a decision was passed in that infamous Roe V. Wade decision leagalizing abortion. It was only a matter of time before we came to this place in our country. We are to blame though. We should have stood up then, and we didn’t. We should have stood up now, and we didn’t. Yes, we protested and we wrote our senators and we called people. But we didn’t stand on the truths of God’s word. We stood on political party lines and stood up for her. We didn’t stand for the word of God.

Church, this was a wake up call. Rev. Jeremy Zerby, this was a wake up call.

Father God, I am sorry that I stood for man rather than standing for You and Your word. God, I am sorry that I didn’t glorify You as completely as I should have. Renew me today and lead me in Your Truth. Amen.

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