Anyone Want Some Jesus With Their Christianity?

I got this little blurb in a pro-Republican e-mail that I receive on a daily basis. I found it kinda funny actually. I will respond immediately following the statement.

Conservative men and women of faith, dubbed the Religious Right, are constantly being told by Big Media that they should not bring their values into the public square. But the liberals and the Religious Left are doing just that when it comes to their values, and Big Media doesn’t seem to mind. The most recent example was when Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid elevated Reverend Jim Wallis, who claims to be non-partisan, by having Wallis give the Democrats weekly national radio address. In the address, Reverend Wallis identified himself as an evangelical Christian committed to the least of these, the weakest and most vulnerable, and he also declared that we must support strong families. Sounds good, but you’d be mistaken if you thought he was referring to ending abortion-on-demand or preserving the definition of traditional marriage.

Wallis has made a name for himself by criticizing pro-family leaders as partisan hacks, yet he has been arrested for protesting federal spending reductions proposed by congressional Republicans. After the 2004 elections revealed a major God gap between the parties, to whom did Democrats turn for help in communicating with values voters? Reverend Wallis. In January 2005, Wallis told the Washington Post that the Bible — and Jesus’s teachings in particular — are filled with messages that align more closely to Democratic policies than GOP policies: Help the poor, share the wealth, work for peace. Exactly where the sanctity of life and the preservation of marriage as God ordained it fits into his list of priorities remains a mystery. But so long as he is preaching from the Gospel of Big Government Liberalism, Big Media isn’t likely to complain when Reverend Wallis injects his values into the public square.

I especially liked this line:

Wallis told the Washington Post that the Bible — and Jesus’s teachings in particular — are filled with messages that align more closely to Democratic policies than GOP policies: Help the poor, share the wealth, work for peace.?Exactly where the sanctity of life and the preservation of marriage as God ordained it fits into his list of priorities remains a mystery.

I wish it could be shown what priority JESUS placed on those things. I will readily acnowledge that He spoke on the preservation of marriage BUT, I fail to see anywhere where Jesus, in His teachings, limited marriage to one man and one woman. Now, I’m not saying that I am pro-homosexual marriage. In fact, I’m not. I find it to be a contradiction in terms. But this wasn’t the focus of Jesus’ ministry.

Abortion is the other thing mentioned here. I want to see one passage from Jesus’ teachings that specifically condemns abortion. To defend myself again, I am not saying that I am pro-abortion. In fact, I’m not. But does Jesus deal with abortion?

Let’s be consistent. Jesus did deal with the sanctity of life, but He did so within the context of the death penalty.

One time, a woman was caught in adultry by the people. Where the man was at in all this, only God knows. By law, he should have been brought up on charges and stoned as well. Anyway, They bring her to Jesus. They pick up their stones and are ready to stone her right there. They look to Jesus and tell Him her sin. Jesus responds,

Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. (John 8:7 TNIV)

Ahh. The plot thickens. The more liberal group within politics, and even Christianity (which would be Democrats), is against the death penalty. Sounds in line with Jesus’ teachings to me.

I find it sad that the GOP claims to represent values voters. They actually seem to claim to have a monopoly on values. I find it sad because, this past election, MORE evangelicals voted than in 2004. Doesn’t that mean there were more values voters at the polls?

Here’s something else. Recently, the president-elect of the Christian Coalition resigned. You know why? The Christian coalition refused to expand their agenda beyond homosexual marriage and abortion to include helping the poor, environmental concerns, and other such issues. Since when are gay marriage and aborting babies the only conservative values?

I know I am accused a lot of bashing on conservatives. I only speak of conservatives because I’v been that kind of conservative before. I’ve been the kind of conservative who measured the worthiness of a candidate based on his stances on abortion and homosexuality. I’m not that kind of conservative anymore, though, and I want to help my fellow conservatives realize that there is more to being a conservative than protesting outside abortion clinics and making sure homosexuals get their condemnation.

I still find it quite strange that being passivist, and against the death penalty (for example) are considered liberal from a Christian perspective, when Jesus clearly taugt these very things while being against abortion and gay marriage are considered conservative from a Christian perspective when Jesus never really spoke on these matters. Even moreso given the fact that the liberal ideas take Jesus more literally than the conservative ones do and yet it is a generally conservative trait (within Christianity) to be literal with Scripture interpretation.

You know what, though? Maybe the conservatives are right. Afterall, if we follow Jesus too literally, it just might usher in the Kingdom of God. And we can’t have that. We’re a democracy.

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3 thoughts on “Anyone Want Some Jesus With Their Christianity?

  1. hools says:

    Can I keep you? 😉
    This entry is right on in so many ways. I don’t think the stoning scene has to do with the death penalty today (just my reading of that section of Scripture) but the rest of it has my resounding “amen”. Thanks for your insight.

  2. Herbesse says:

    Will this make my Harry Reid stocks on trendio rise?

  3. Chance says:

    Here is a response to that,

    Of note in the link: Jesus did speak about marriage between one man and one woman in Mark 10:6-9. He seems to indicate that either celibacy or marriage between a man and woman are the 2 options.

    Also, conservatives such as myself can be all for helping the poor, but we do not believe in forced redistribution of wealth, mostly because of the 10th commandment which says don’t covet your neighbors stuff. I believe there is a qualitative difference between me giving up my own time and money to help somebody out, vs. voting for somebody else to do the same, although the 2nd way is easier in many cases.

    “Anyone Want Some Jesus With Their Christianity?” Sure, but I don’t think I can pick only certain parts. I have to take a little bit of Genesis, Exodus, etc… (which Jesus also wrote).

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