Letter to the Editor

I sent this letter to the editor of the local newspaper in response to an event that happened at Borders last night.  Hopefully it will get published.

The churches here in the Evansville area need to wake up to the plight of the people around them and start doing something to better the community in a big way.  An example: I was at a local bookstore the other night, and a woman came in bawling.  She went to the cashier and asked if there was somewhere she could stay for the night because she was homeless.  The cashier sent one of the other girls to talk to a manager about something that could be done.  The woman asked to use the phone and they let her even though it is against policy. 

While on the phone, she was talking to someone and she said, “But I’ve been to the churches.  They were no help.”  This is very telling of the condition of the Christian community here in the Evansville area.  Jesus tells us that when we neglect to do something for someone, we have neglected to do that for Him.  Who are we serving?  Are we serving Messiah Jesus or our own appetites?  Wake up, church!

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