Conservatives and racism…

Were five people killed in Salt Lake City this week because of Islamofascism? Don’t count on Big Media to answer that question. Here is what we know as of now. According to witnesses, an 18-year-old gunman calmly walked into a Utah shopping mall and started randomly killing customers. Thankfully, an off-duty police officer was able to slow him down, and the assailant was eventually killed in a shoot-out with Salt Lake City police. Early press reports only gave his age, but no name. ABC reported the story last night, but repeatedly said little was known about the shooter. Today, several Utah papers are reporting that the killer’s name was Sulejmen Talovic, and he was a Bosnian Muslim refugee.

Don’t expect to hear much more. Big Media has no interest in pursuing these sorts of cases. When a Muslim man intentionally mows people down in San Francisco with his SUV, the headline is: “SUV Driver Kills Pedestrians.” When a Muslim assailant bursts into a Jewish community center in Seattle and brutally murdered a Jewish woman and wounded five more, he is described as “sick,” and the story vanishes. When an Iranian college student tried to turn a rented SUV into a weapon of mass destruction, the media reported, “9 Injured by SUV at UNC-Chapel Hill.” We deserve to know whether Sulejmen Talovic was another example of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome,” but don’t hold your breath waiting for the facts.Gary Bauer

I guess now that we are in a time of war, that must mean that every time someone of Arab descent does something stupid, that they are automatically a Muslim terrorist. I’m sorry, but doesn’t this sound like racism? Intolerance? Does this sound like the kind of attitude that we should be seeking to emulate?

I am not against Conservatives as a rule. In fact, at times I am MUCH more in line with Conservatives than Liberals, but when it comes to race, Conservatives have a lot to learn. Especially those who claim to represent us and speak for us.

Remember when Senator Biden said that Barack Obama was an articulate black man? In fact, remember when President Bush said the same? Doesn’t making comments like this imply that a person thinks that black men aren’t usually articulate? Doesn’t this imply that the speaker is somewhat racist?

So much for civil rights, huh?

Just because someone is a Muslim of Arab descent does not mean that they are a terrorist. Just because an Arab-born Muslim does something stupid does not mean that he is a terrorist. Being an Arab-born Muslim doesn’t make one a terrorist any more than being a white American makes you a slave owner.

When the media downplays the terrorist angle, they are trying to keep from contributing to a stereotype of Muslim Arabs that is inaccurate. Then again, as long as all Arab Muslims are viewed as terrorists, the war in Iraq is justified.

And maybe that is what it boils down it. When we see the enemy as a human being for whom Jesus died, it becomes harder, if not impossible, to kill him. As long as we dehumanize the enemy, we can do all sorts of atrocious things and feel no guilt over it. The Indians were deemed savages and a hindrance to American expansion. As subhumans, it was no longer a moral issue to commit genocide. Blacks were subhumans, thereby removing any guilt over inhumane treatment and segregation. Now it’s the Arab Muslims. As long as they are terrorists and subhumans, we can kill as many as we want and feel no guilt.

And to think the Conservatives are the ones who are called the “Christian” choice. If the “Christian” choice is a bigoted racist who likes to kill, how much worse can the “non-Christian” choice be?

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3 thoughts on “Conservatives and racism…

  1. Eric Dondero says:

    No, you’ve got this wrong. It’s because Muslim violence on Americans is so rampant nowadays. You just mentioned a couple incidents. There’s tons more. Most glaringly you completely ignored the worst of the worst, John Muhammed, the infamous Beltway Sniper. We’re now learning that his killing spree was even worse than we had ever thought. He admitted to a murder of a white man on a Tucson golf course a year before the Alabama, Maryland and Virginia murders.

    We are under seige here in the United State by the Islamo-Fascists. And I don’t say this as some “nutty Conservative.” I’m actually a libertarian. Libertarians are usually skeptical of stuff like this. But we can no longer ignore it.

    This latest incident in Utah is a call to arms. Americans must rise up and join with the brave Dutch, Danish and French who are fighting back against the Islamo-Fascist onslaught. It’s here. We either fight back or we will all soon be carted off to the gas chambers.

  2. So I ask you, is every Arab-born Muslim a terrorist? The answer is no. Stereotyping them is not going to solve anything. Rounding up all American Arabs into concentration camps will solve nothing. Racism will solve nothing.

    I don’t deny that some of these men and women are terrorists, but there are many more (the majority) who are just like you and me and just want to live their lives. They’re just like you and me and make mistakes sometimes.

    I don’t deny that terrorism is a problem and that we must stand against it. But slurring an entire race and religion is going to do nothing but make matters worse.

    God loves a Muslim suicide bomber as much as He loves a middle-class white American.

  3. […] way, we have to realize that these things happen so often that we have become desensitized to them: a similar shooting that claimed 5 lives in Utah before the killer Sulejmen Talovic was killed by pol…. So has the murder of four college students in Newark, New Jersey. A lot of people made much of […]

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