Letter to the editor (Part III)

Well, apparently I succeeded in offending multiple people with the letter I sent to the newspaper exhorting the churches of the Evansville area to do more to aid the homeless.  There have been two responses, one of which was simply giving some examples of churches doing things and then a simple question as to what I was going to do.  The letter today was nothing more than a personal attack, more or less.  It centered on a butt load of questions asked under the assumption that I was simply wanting other people to do the work for me.

There has been no one respond and say anything along the lines of, “You know what…we as a church do need to do more in this regard.”  In fact, there was none of that on here either.

I find it quite funny that we can openly criticize the government, and sometimes be downright rude toward government officials (as evidenced in this article where the author makes it a point to emphasize a certain politicians middle name to demonize him in the eyes of the American public), and no one really says anything in rebuttal; no one takes the time to list examples of politicians doing the right things.  But we say something critical of the church, and aren’t rude about it, and suddenly we can list example after example of churches doing the right thing and then accuse the person making the observation of personal laziness in the form of a question that implies an attitude of, “I don’t see you doing anything, so why should I do something?”

What is the underlying issue here, though?  Why is it okay for a 17 year old girl and one of her fellow citizens to call the government of their city to task for its lack of concern for the homeless (and I could give examples of local government agencies that are actively doing things for this problem) but it isn’t okay for a church person to call the church catholic to task on the same issue (which happens to be an issue that the church has been specifically commanded to deal with)? 

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