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I found a couple of articles and a cartoon that I am going to share with you today.

The first has to do with the SBC and their little sexual abuse thingie.  This is just making me sicker and sicker.  Remember how the RCC just tried to cover it up and act like it wasn’t happening?   Well, the SBC isn’t that tactful.  They are not denying it is happening, but rather than actually dealing with it, here is what the president of the SBC, Frank Page, had to say in a recent article in the Florida Baptist Witness:

Please realize that there are groups who claim to be one thing when in reality they are another. It would be great if the many groups who are claiming to be groups of advocacy and encouragement in ministry were that which they claim. Please be aware that there are groups that are nothing more than opportunistic persons who are seeking to raise opportunities for personal gain.

He also said this little statement in the Florida Baptist Witness article:

Some persons have accused Southern Baptists of ignoring the issue and hiding behind our polity. Let me clearly state that we believe in the autonomy of the local church as a biblical mandate. We are not hiding behind anything, except the Bible.

Hmm…sounds to me like we have a problem.  Nowhere has Mr. Page suggested anything that really addresses the issue.  The autonomy of the local church seems so important that they are unwilling to, even in extreme circumstances like this one, violate that.  I’m sorry, but when pastors are violating children, policy violation should be the least of our concerns.

Moving on.

Here is an article that asks some really good questions regarding second amendment rights.

And lastly,

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