A question about being a New Testament Church

In Church this morning, Pastor Edgar talked about the origins of the early church. What he focused on was the fact that the early church was made up of Jews from many nations. To quote:

The church began as a multi-ethnic, multi-language fellowship.

He further went on to say that he believed that a multi-cultural church is an outworking of what the Spirit started in the book of Acts; it is a Biblical idea.

As I further reflected on this idea, I had a very pertinent question come to my mind.

A racially mixed church is one where no one people group makes up 80% or more of the congregation. And the early church was obviously made up of multiple cultures and languages. This being the case, here is my question:

Can a church call itself a New Testament church if it is not racially mixed or striving to that end? Defend your answer.

I am going somewhere with this, so I would love as many responses as possible.

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