I just need to get this off my chest…

I am so tired of Conservative Evangelicals blaming the media for everything that goes wrong in the world. Seriously.

Yesterday on Tyra (Tyra Banks talkshow), she did an episode on Witches because of the growing popularity of the cult. She had a segment interviewing “White Witches,” a segment interviewing “Dark Witches,” a segment interviewing some members of the church of Satan, and a girl who was a witch but then converted to Christianity.

Tyra asked the last girl about her opinions of Harry Potter and other books and movies of that sort, and she responded by saying that the reason so many people, teens in particular, are converting to Witchcraft these days is because of the Media making it seem mainstream and how the secular media is the reason for it and blah blah blah.

I have had it with those excuses. It is not the media’s fault that people are converting to witchcraft. People have read stories like Harry Potter for ages and no one has said a thing about it. Has anyone read Grimms Fairytales? How about The Chronicles of Narnia? Lord of the Rings? Disney movies?

It is not the media’s fault, and here’s why. Teenagers generally do things like convert to witchcraft out of rebellion from what their parents are, in their minds, forcing on them. Plus, teens are uncanny for trying to do things that the media doesn’t want them doing.

It is not the media’s fault because the media is not the one responsible for our actions. We are. The media can say and do and promote what it wants, but it is ultimately up to us what we do with those messages that it conveys. Yes, the media has some power over us, but only so much power as we give it.

The media is simply a diversion just like obsessing over gay marriage, abortion, and prayer in school is a diversion. It’s a diversion just like obsessing over the environment, political power, or denominational pride is a diversion.

Another thing that really gets me is that, if media is the problem, why don’t we do anything about it? If media is so influential, then how come “Christian” media doesn’t have the same influence? If we don’t want our kids reading Harry Potter, then how come we don’t have Christian fantasy fiction that is of an even higher quality? It reminds me of something Rob Bell said in an interview on the ooze, which I posted here a while back:

To this day I meet people who go to church because their supposed to; I absolutely cannot begin to comprehend that. You don’t do this in any other area of your life. You know you meet people who say they are just going through the motions, well why? You don’t do that, you take that CD out and put another CD in, I don’t get it…My assumption is always that a Christian is not hanging out in some sort of anemic little subculture with C-grade art and music.

Isn’t this so true? Why do we keep producing C-grade art and music while the world around is is putting their hearts into what they are doing? Why does our music sound like shit but the music of the world has creativity and beauty? Why do our books have little to no redeeming value, but the literature that the world produces leave you craving more? And what’s the deal with “Christian”paintings? What even is that?

Do you see what I mean? If we are really concerned with the influence of the media, then why don’t we be the influence? If we want people to listen to our music, read our books, buy our paintings, or believe our message, then how about we make them it worth listening to, reading, buying, and believing. Like Bell says in that same interview:

…when I got into Seminary and I did my first sermons I asked the question “why would we spend time doing something that isn’t great?” Nowhere else in your life do you give your time things that aren’t great. You don’t go sit through movies that you don’t like. You don’t pay for things that aren’t of a certain caliber that compel you in a certain way. So when I got into teaching my assumption was that the Jesus revolution ought to be the best thing going or do something else.

Christian movies ought to be the best movies being made or people are going to watch something else. Christian books ought to be the best books being written or people are going to read something else. And they are. Even Christians see this, and so they opt to buy Harry Potter rather than Sister Chicks.

It’s not the media’s fault. It’s our fault. So let’s do something about it.

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