Slitting Our Own Wrists

Today on the radio while I was parking a car, I heard an interesting skit. There were some people in a diner complaining about the state of the church. The person at the counter came over to them and asked them why they come in every week and complain about the church. They proceeded to explain that they see so much wrong with the church that they just wish they could change but don’t know how. The waiter responded to them and told them that the way to change the church is by prayer. He said that if there was more prayer then all the problems that they see would go away.

This skit got me to thinking.

What if all the confusion that we see among Christians is not the devil stirring us up but rather it is our own doing? Let me explain.

Each group of Christians spends their time praying for their own agenda to be met. The Fundies pray for the “Emergents” to see the light and come to their side and the “Emergents” pray for the Fundies to become more open to what they are doing. So, what if, like when Israel asked for a king, God is granting their requests? What if God is answering both prayers in the affirmative. Think about it.

God is obviously saying yes to the Fundies because some of them are becoming more open of the Emerging Church. And He is obviously saying yes to the “Emergents” because some of them are going to the Fundie side of things. What if, as a church, we are killing ourselves?

I am not claiming to have “discovered the real church” or anything of the sort. But I do claim to have an understanding of how the church works. After all, I worked in one for a little over 2 years. I remember the students’ prayer requests for the adults to become more interested in the things the youth group was doing. And I remember sitting in on adult Bible studies where some of the older people made some pretty nasty remarks about young people. And I’ve seen the inner-workings of a church. Everyone has their own agenda and is more concerned with seeing that met than with seeing God’s kingdom come.

Despite comments implying the contrary, I do know a thing or two.

This is why I don’t think that liberal Christianity or postmodernism or the Emerging Church is what is killing Christianity. The enemy is us. We’re cutting our own wrists and blaming someone else for the scars.

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