Saturday, I had my first experience with dumpster diving. It has come up a lot online recently, and I had been wanting to try it sometime and just see what gems I could find. Well, Saturday I got my chance.

We met up with a couple of our friends to play Bingo. That didn’t go so well as we had no idea what we were doing and the people at the Bingo hall didn’t offer much assistance. So we left. On our way back, Shane asked if we wanted to check out Kroger’s dumpster. Shane and Arielle had done this while hitchiking recently and, as they were doing it, we were reading about it. Auni and I said sure and so we went behind Kroger to check it out. What we found was…astonishing.

This is some bread that we picked up. Not a bit of it had any mold on it, nor was it damaged in any way. In fact, all of it had a sell-by date of November 2. We pulled it from the dumpster on November 3. Also, none of these items had been opened.

Today for breakfast, I ate one of the Bear Claws. They were a little dry as they were past date by one day and contain no preservatives. So I popped it into the microwave. It was like new and tasted as such. And I have not gotten sick even a bit. At least not from the food. I’ve been fighting a cold since Thursday. But, as I said, that has absolutely nothing to do with this Bear Claw.

Even more spectacular, though, was our next treasure. This is actually apalling in a way. Note how this box has been marked:

Now note the “use by” date:

Now note the contents:

This was an ENTIRE CASE of these cookies. All unopened. Nowhere near thaie expiration date. All almost perfectly undamaged. Three boxes are gone due to being already eaten or taken by us and Arielle and Shane. There is just something sick about a system that makes more food than is needed and then just throws it away. And while this is being thrown away, people all over the world starve. Not that they need cookies, but the principle stands true. Something needs to be done about this.

Oh…and just so you know, the cookies have not made anyone sick either.

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