The sin of Adam and a Personal Update

Al Mohler is at it again.  In a recent blog post, he blames women for why men won’t go to church.  How?  To quote:

Once women begin to fill and represent roles of pastoral leadership men withdraw. This is true, not only in the pulpit, but in the pews.

It is interesting to note at this juncture that this line of reasoning was used long ago.  Man ate the forbidden fruit because the woman made him do it.  Funny thing is, God did not look too highly on Adam passing the blame off on someone else.

The reason men don’t go to church is not because women are in the pulpit.  It is because men are not owning up to their responsibility as men and, more importantly, as Christians.  If women are not to be in the pulpit, as Mohler asserts, then men need to get behind the pulpit.  Plain and simple.

We are in the process of getting moved out of our apartment.  That hasn’t been too much fun.  I am exhausted.  These 15 or 16 hour days of non-stop doing things is killing me.

I have my job for at least another 30 days.  If I ever get a chance, I am going to put in some other applications around town.

Just please keep us in prayer.  We need lots of it.

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