Personal reflections…(multiple posts in one)

I am done defending anything except that which will glorify Jesus. Why? Because I can scream until I am blue in the face that “Emergents” are not seeking to undermine the Gospel and that not all of them are Liberals, but it won’t change anything if Jesus was not shown to be of supreme worth. I MUST treasure Christ above all. If Jesus really did save me from bondage to sin, and He did, then I must seek in all that I do and say to tell that story and make Him known.

As an emerging Christian, I must show by my life that Jesus is of more value to me than all things. My chief end MUST be to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Following Jesus must be my goal. Being like Jesus must be my aim. My righteousness must exceed that of the “Scribes and Pharisees” of my day. My holiness must be more than just knowing word and following the letters of it. It must be more than that. I must, in some mystical way, BE Jesus for those who do not know Him. I must not pride myself in my knowledge or in my ability to look like a Christian, but I must actually BE a Christian; mind, body, and soul.

And all of this must be for no other reason than because I want to glorify God.

Asking Questions…

Why are we not allowed to ask questions of our own faith? I mean honest, real, hard questions. Here are just a few questions that come to mind at the moment that we are not allowed to ask. I don’t want answers to them. These are just examples.

  • Where in the Bible does it say that the Bible is without error?
  • Why do I have to believe in the trinity to be a Christian?
  • Isn’t it just as much an error to believe that Jesus was a man to the neglect of his godhood as it is to believe that he was God to the neglect of his manhood?
  • Why do I have to believe the Bible is without error to be a Christian?
  • Why do I have to believe in an eternal torture hell to be a Christian?
  • A girl gets pregnant out of marriage and keeps the baby and is condemned or that same girl gets pregnant and has an abortion and is condemned…what does the church want from her?

SO often, asking these kinds of questions is treated with great contempt.

Today, around the breakfast table, my mother-in-law, grandmother-in-law, wife, and myself had a discussion about the Bible issue, and that first question was asked, and, it seemed, basically, that the question was not really answered. It was danced around. In fact, it seemed that offense was taken at the question even being asked. But if we can’t question our own religion, then how are we supposed to grow? You don’t grow in your faith by affirming what you already know, but, rather, by learning new things and coming to understand it better and more perfectly. You do that by asking questions. Sometimes even seemingly sacrilegious questions.

Two convicting quotes from a Jehovah’s Witness booklet given to me by a coworker…

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. – Blaise Pascal

We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another. – Jonathan Swift

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