Recent readings and happenings…

Today, via a link on TheOoze, I found a book entitled Thank God for Evolution. So, out of curiosity, I downloaded the free PDF of the book and then did some research on the author.

In my research I came across something called “Deep Ecology.” I find it interesting. Especially since, Last week at church, Pastor Edgar gave a sermon continuing their series entitled “Deep Economy.”

According to the Wikipedia article I linked to above, Deep Ecology is:

a recent branch of ecological philosophy (ecosophy) that considers humankind an integral part of its environment. Deep ecology places greater value on non-human species, ecosystems and processes in nature than established environmental and green movements. Deep ecology has led to a new system of environmental ethics.

It is broken down into what seem to be three fundamental elements: Scientific, Spiritual, and Experiential. The Scientific tenet states that Deep Ecology has its roots in Science and can be found through Scientific reasoning. The Spiritual aspect says that humankind is “a part of the Earth and not separate from it.” Within Christianity, proponents of Deep Ecology would see an example in St. Francis of Assisi. The Experiential tenet seeks to reconnect humans with the environment by addressing the “unresolved emotions of despair, grief, sorrow, anger and rage…We may have intellectual understanding of our interconnectedness, but our culture…robs us of emotional and visceral experience of that interconnectedness which we had as small children [and has] been socialized out of us by a highly anthropocentric alienating culture.”

I find it intriguing and, may do a more in-depth study on it at a later date. In fact, I very likely will.

I won a book from Plain Truth Ministries entitled The War on Terror: How Should Christians Respond. I haven’t started yet, but I look forward to doing so.

And the other day at work, I got stuck working in the ticket booth, so I stopped in the gift shop on my way there picked up a copy of Michael Chrichton’s new book Next. I started it and it is now my bathroom book. It’s actually really interesting.

There hasn’t been a whole lot else going on. I am still sending resumes and am still really seeking what it is God wants me to be doing. I’ve not started really on my book yet. I’ve just not had the inspiration to do so.

That is about it at the time being…

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