Ecology and Spirituality

As I dwell on the concept of Deep Ecology (DE), I wonder if our disconnection from the earth is a factor in our disconnection from each other. Even among members of the same nuclear family, there seems to be very little sense of belonging. We as a race do not seem to think that we belong to anyone or anything. Everyone or everything may belong to us, but we rebel against the idea that we may belong to someone or something. This creates constant strife and fighting amongst ourselves, separating ourselves further from each other.

This would also explain our rebellion against the idea of God. The thought of something being above us is bad enough, but even worse is the thought that we belong to this Being. This confronts us at our fundamental disconnection from each other and the rest of creation. Especially since God is trying to bring everything back together and restore it to the way He originally intended it.

In light of all of this, the implications of DE on Christian spirituality are immense.

By saying that DE has an impact on Christian spirituality, I am not saying that it is without fault. As we will see later, there are some tenants of DE that are not compatible with the Judeo-Christian worldview. But this also does not mean that the ideas presented by this school of thought are completely incompatible with it.

For example, according to DE, every creature on earth has intrinsic value. Everything that exists on this planet has value in and of itself apart from its usefulness to humankind. Within the Christian worldview, we see this spelled out in the Creation poem by God’s calling of every aspect of what He is creating “good” even before humanity has come on the scene.

As I said above, I think the implications of DE on Christian spirituality are immense and deserving of contemplation. It may even be what we need if we are to ever truly understand who we are and our place in this world that God has created.

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