Are We Teaching Our Children to Lie?

In a recent blog posting, Al Mohler presents a disturbing collection of facts.  In a “test looking at whether teenagers lie to their parents on a range of 36 issues…the average teen was lying to his parents about twelve of them. The teens lied about what they spent their allowances on, and whether they’d started dating, and what clothes they put on away from the house. They lied about what movie they went to, and whom they went with. They lied about alcohol and drug use, and they lied about whether they were hanging out with friends their parents disapproved of. They lied about how they spent their afternoons while their parents were at work. They lied about whether chaperones were in attendance at a party or whether they rode in cars driven by drunken teens.

In the end, 98 percent of the teens admitted lying to parents. At the same time, 98 percent of the same teens said that lying is wrong.”

Mohler is citing Po Bronson, and in the article he is citing, Bronson asks whether parents teach their children to lie.  The conclusion is yes.  Mohler goes on to suggest that even Christian parents are guilty of teaching their children to lie.

The whole thing made me very uncomfortable.  When I have children, I do not want to be guilty of teaching my children to lie.

What are you teaching your children in this regard?

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