Recommendation: Vintage Jesus

I finished reading Vintage Jesus by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears yesterday. I have to say, it was a pretty good book. It is completely about Jesus, which is a great plus. And it also promotes a decidedly Reformed understanding of Him, although he makes some statements that a dogmatic Calvinist may find hard to swallow, such as saying that Jesus’ life and death was more inclusive than we tend to want to think it is.

Many people condemn Driscoll as being vulgar, but the most vulgar thing in this book, as far as I’m concerned, is when he says that Jesus died to free us from all sins and mentions being a “religious prig” as one of those that Jesus paid for on the cross. His discussion of the Virgin birth was probably the best chapter in the book and the brief explanation by Breshears regarding the Genesis text about the seed of women stomping on the serpent’s head was one of the best explanations of that text I have ever read.

I feel, though, that the book fell flat in the last chapter. Whereas in every other chapter he made a lot of blunt points and awesome truth statements, in this chapter, those stopped about halfway through. And the book ended kinda like a lot of other systematic theologies end…with little climax.

All in all, it was a wonderful book, especially if you love Jesus and take Him seriously. I do highly recommend it.

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