To serve and protect….

Tonight, we were taking my mother-in-law home from her place of work. She had to go there to feed a tenant’s cats and my wife and I took her there. Anyway, we were taking her home and, as we were driving, we came across a large group of high school and early college age people hanging out outside a local coffeehouse. A small group was headed down the street and another group was hanging out at the door of the business.

In front of us was a slow-moving vehicle. As we came closer, we noticed that it was a police officer. He slowed down even more when he saw the students and very obviously watched all of them. When we got past the concert venue, he sped up slightly.

At this time, to our right (we were in the left lane) a slow-moving, swerving car was driving. He came into our lane and almost hit us. I slowed down thinking it was someone trying to get over…he never came over and continued to ride the brakes and swerve.

The officer ignored the obvious drunkard, turned where we turned, and turned back the other way around the block, very obviously going back to where the students were hanging out.

My point: Why are high school students hanging out at a coffeehouse more worthy of police attention than a drunk driver almost getting into an accident? To serve and protect? Riiiight….

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