New day, new book

I have recently been reading the Harry Potter series as my fiction fix here recently. Today I finished the third book, and was considering reading something different. I kinda want a brief break from the wizarding world. I am enjoying the books. They are wonderful. But I just am in the mood for something different.

While Auni and I were at Barnes & Noble today, I was buying her a new Palahniuk book. I’ve been considering reading something by him. Maybe Invisible Monsters? Anyway, as we were walking out, purchasing Survivor, I noticed an interesting little treasure laying on one of the bargain tables. A book called The Raw Shark Texts by Stephen Hall. I know nothing about this book other than what is on Amazon and what the cover itself of the copy I got says. But it is artsy, intriguing, different. I am reading that for my fiction fix and my brief break from Hogwarts.

I have a couple of job prospects. One is at an Evangelical Presbyterian church and a couple of Methodist churches. I am just praying for God’s hands to work in that stuff. I am more than ready to work in a church context. I love being free to minister to people how I want, but I miss the structured life of working in a church. In a way, it was really nice.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I finished that whole inerrancy thing. In a few days, I will be back to my old self. I hope those posts helped somebody…especially the friend who was struggling with the matter himself.

I think I’m gonna go rest and wait for dinner…which is exciting because my Auni made up a new recipe…Alfredo Lasagna…And when I say “made up”…I mean made up…like…she is making everything from the alfredo (involving tofu and spinach and stuff) and everything…I’m pretty excited…I’ll let you know how it is…

  • **UPDATE***

It was total vegan goodness!!!

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