Hurts So Good

I was reading an article on, and I got to thinking about love and marriage.

Statistically, the divorce rate overall is something like 52%. But it is higher among Christians than anyone else. That being the case, it makes me wonder if something that we have been teaching for a really long time is even remotely true.

According to many Christian teachers, you can’t love without God in your life. God is love, so without Him, you are unable to do so. They throw in those passages about how the fleshly man can’t understand the things of God because he is not of God to defend their case further. But is this true?

Marriage is the most obvious picture of love that exists. Two people love each other so much that the “man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one” (Genesis 2:24). Marriage puts back together what God originally took apart (male and female). Of all the people on earth, Christians should most understand this. We are even given moral imperatives and commands not to tear apart what God has joined. We are told to honor marriage. Christians even defend “traditional marriage” loudly and vocally against a culture that, supposedly, is seeking to undermine it.

And yet, it is a secularized culture that is choosing to work their problems out. They are choosing love over the easy way out (divorce). And these people *gasp!* don’t have God! They are a part of a culture that, supposedly, teaches that everyone needs to do for themselves, whatever the cost. And yet…it is secular people more than religious people who are dying to themselves and giving themselves wholly to another; truly becoming one. And while Christians are running around spreading the idea that “one day your gonna wake up and that person you married is gonna be ugly and you’re gonna wanna leave,” and the religious people are leaving, a secular world is saying

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