Reflections On My Reading

As I read more of Richard DawkinsThe God Delusion, I am beginning to wonder if atheist scientists and Christian fundamentalists have too narrow a view of both science and religion. The religious use science only to 1) prove that God does exist, but only when it fits their particular understanding of creationism or 2) to make the point that science is out to “kill God” so to speak. Atheist scientists only use religion as proof that God doesn’t exist. The religious use religion to prove that everything was created ex nihilo. The scientist uses science to prove that everything came into being naturally.

But this doesn’t do either school of thought justice. Yet, finding common ground to reconcile the two, or simply to show that they are not opposed to each other, is viewed by both practices as a form of heresy.

In light of this, today I picked up a copy of Carl Sagan‘s book Varieties of Scientific Experience. I have become very curious as to what connections scientists make between God and science. I have read some Christian perspectives already, and, with the exception of A Biblical Case for an Old Earth, most are nothing more than God-exists-and-Darwin-was-wrong propaganda. And that just doesn’t work for me. (I’ve read The Origin of Species, and I thought it was interesting. I didn’t find anything there that seemed to really go against the idea of there being a Creator. He was simply trying to explain how various species, including humans, could have evolved into what they are now over a long period of time.)

That being said, I am not becoming an atheist. I believe in God and am firmly convinced of His existence. I just don’t think that my belief in God and the facts that science has uncovered over time are opposed to each other. I am also unwilling to just accept what people tell me about science and various scientists’ views on the existence of God. Unlike many, I want to be an educated Christian, not an indoctrinated one.

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