Bikinis and Band Camp

By Steve Case

Every time a new “teen sex” movie comes out there will always be parents who are up in arms over how this generation is going down the tubes. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and see the bigger picture. A few years ago people saw American Pie as proof of a generation of degenerates. The next time you have a parent or adult who feels the need to decry sexual content in movies or television, remind them of the days of wholesome entertainment when Frankie Avalon starred in classics like How To Stuff A Wild Bikini and Beach Blanket Bingo.  Sure, today’s youth may quote “This one time at band camp…” but their grandparents were throwing out lines like “I got ideas… and they’re all vile, baby!”  This is also an opportunity to launch a discussion with your youth about whether or not teenagers change significantly over the years.


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