Let the Drilling Begin…and other thoughts

Today, President George Bush lifted the ban on off-shore drilling here in the States. This was a monumental decision on many levels. I find it interesting, though, that this comes right after the G8 Summit’s comments on human-induced climate change and a commitment by us and the other nations to reduce carbon emissions by like half by 2025.

As we begin drilling off our coasts, it proves that our president was all talk (as were probably most of the other nations). Instead of spending billions of dollars on making readily available and actually utilizing alternative energy sources, we are going to spend billions to pump more oil into the veins of our culture. The urgency to find an alternative will be diminished. And we will be in pretty much the same place we are now for years to come.

Now, I am all for doing whatever is necessary to bring gas prices down, but I don’t know that more oil is going to do that. In fact, my guess is that current prices are going to become a norm. After all, they already are in other places around the world. How can we expect it to be any different for us? The answer is not more oil, but making renewable resources affordable and readily available. Wind power, solar energy, and maybe even clean coal and nuclear power as well. But more of the same is not going to give us anything but more of the same.

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Here is a little snippet from my journal. It is something that I started thinking about after I finished reading a chapter in The Shack.

If Jesus was a true human when He walked the Earth, and ascended to Heaven also as a true human, then that means that He is still a human to this day. So doesn’t that mean that He can still show Himself as a human even now? What if He does this every day all around us?

If this is the case, then seeing God is just a matter of simply being aware of everyone around us. Jesus could be anyone. Especially since we have no idea what He actually looks like.

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I started a group over on Facebook called “Marriage is About Love, Not Roles.” I am thinking I may do something with that in the near future. I think I am going to do some writing on the subject of what I believe makes for a strong marriage.

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Keep praying for my wife and I. I still have yet to find more gainful employment. I kinda need it. We need to get out of our current living arrangement for our own sake and it is impossible to do on my current salary. Just keep us in prayer.

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