The People are Restless

So, I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently on this whole “martial law” thing, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, while we may not currently be under “martial law,” the circumstances are perfect for it to be implemented.  In the south, we have people STILL without access to gas for their cars.  As a result, people have been driving from state to state to find fuel.  As a further result, small riots have broken out.  In some cases, military personnel have been said to have been alerted to take charge of these situations.

On a broader scale, you have this whole issue of the falling stock market.  In fact, at the end of today, the DOW closed down almost 778 points.  278 points of that drop alone occurred in, I would guess, about an hour this evening.

Couple these issues with anxiety over the upcoming presidential election between having more of the same with McCain/Palin and changing to be like we already are Obama/Biden, and the people are restless.

We’re fighting a war that has been shown over and over and over and over and over and over again to be based in lies and information manipulation.  The populace sees this, and wants us to do either get out or do something else.They are protesting, and our own government is silencing them (For proof, recall the recent Republican National Convention when peace protestors were arrested and detained because they got too close to the building it was held in).  It has also silenced dissenters in the discussions over the failed bail-out proposal.

The people are restless.

Let me just be honest for a moment.  Whether McCain or Obama wins the election, we are not going to see any true change.  McCain is so much like President Bush that it is kinda scary, and Obama has said precious little regarding his stances, and, frankly, while I like a lot of what he says, for me there isn’t enough there for me to vote for him with any true confidence.  And my guess is, this is how a large portion of the American people feel.  But with the corporate machine controlling the media, can we really expect any different?

And so the people are restless.

But their restlessness is incomplete.  Our restlessness is incomplete.  We may be upset about the war in Iraq and the economy and abortion and traditional family values and whatever else it is that people choose as their litmus test for their decision on who to vote for, but what about what the current administration has put in place?

As I stated above, the conditions are right for a martial law type scenerio to be implemented in this country.  Not only are the people restless, but the legislation is in place to make it a reality.  In May of 2007, Bush signed two propositions into law that gave him (or whoever happens to be the president) power to seize control of “all federal state, local, territorial and tribal governments, as well as private sector organizations…without specifically requiring the approval of the event of a self-declared national emergency” (Source).  In July of this year, in response to North Korea acquiring Nuclear weapons capability, President Bush declared a “national emergency” (Source).  To add insult to injury, some clergy have signed on as well.  They are a part of what are called “Clergy Response Teams.”  Their mission: to make sure that we “obey the laws of the land” as stated in Romans 13 (Source).

Everything is in place…

But why aren’t the people restless?

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