Affirmative Action Strikes Again

As I briefly commented the other day, I am losing eleven and a half hours at work effective January 2, 2009.  This bothers me for a number of reasons.  For starters, I have been asking and asking for full-time for months, and I have more or less been ignored.  I understand my boss when she says the hours aren’t available, but they recently fired 2 people and left the afternoon shift shorthanded but they refused to give me any hours into the next shift.  Despite this, they hired on two other guys and one of the favorite lady’s daughters.  So, really, it amounts to the hours are not available for me, but they are for some people who happen to be connected to the right people.  And then, when crunch-time hits, I lose close to half my hours.

The second reason this bothers me is because, while myself and number of other good, hard workers lose hours, and some people even took pay cuts, there’s these two lazy black guys who are still employed.  These guys are truly a disgrace to their fellow African Americans.  They cheat on their time cards by clocking each other in 4 or 5 hours earlier than they actually come in.  When called in, as they were on Friday to fill in some holes left while they held mandatory staff meetings, they show up at least 30 minutes late, if not later.  Sometimes, they don’t even show up for their shifts or they show up on time and then disappear for 2 or 3 hours and go to MacDonalds.  They both are constantly on their cell phones, one of them talking to various of his lady friends, while on company time and while driving in patients’ vehicles.  They both smoke, and there’s suspicion that one of them has been actually smoking in customers’ cars at times.

There’s no punishment.  No reprimand.  Absolutely nothing is said.  Why?  Fear that one of them will throw the race card at the hospital via lawsuit.

So good workers suffer while these two lazy guys who happen to be part of a minority group get away with whatever they want.  There is something terribly wrong with this.

And I know that it is race-related that they are still employed because we recently had another black girl working and there were nothing but complaints about her from customers and other staff at the hospital (not to mention her lack of wearing the proper uniform and also not showing up for her shift on a number of occasions) and management had to build this wild case portfolio against her before they could do anything.

I have a real problem with this.  As far as I am concerned, if you’re a bad employee, you should be fired.  I have no problem with giving someone a second chance and maybe even a third, but there comes a point when it becomes obvious that an individual is just not cut from the right material for a certain job and they should be asked to leave.  But race should not play a role in this decision.  Just like race is not a good reason to fire someone, it is also not a good reason to keep someone employed if they are not meeting company standards.

Any white person cheats on their time card and is found out would be automatically dismissed.  It should be the same story for any other race.  Any white person who is repeatedly truant from their shift should be terminated.  The same with a worker of any other race.  Any white person who repeatedly ignores company policy should be fired.  The same with a worker of any other race.

I am all for equality and diversity in the work place.  Given our current cultural climate, and the industry in which I work, I fully understand the need for people fluent in Spanish being available to assist those who are not so fluent in English.  But if that Spanish-speaking employee proves to be a bad employee, then they should be replaced with someone who can competently do that job.  There are plenty of hard-working people out there who need jobs, and this idea that someone can’t be fired because of their race stands in those people’s ways.  When race becomes a reason for not firing a bad employee, the very safeguards that have been put in place to inhibit workplace discrimination become tools of that very same discrimination.

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever experienced something like this?

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One thought on “Affirmative Action Strikes Again

  1. mssc54 says:

    Brother…. where is YOUR FOCUS?!

    Tell me (honestly) how often have you prayed for your fellow workers. The “slackers” in particular? Have you spoken with them about their eternal home?

    Whis is it that you are in this place? You are trying to get employment at a church and you post this about how unfair the world is to you? Boo hoo!

    Gird yourself up man! Pray for your employer. Pray for your “enemies” (as Holy Scripture requires you to do).

    Your job is not your supplier. Your focus is and has been on the tempral things of this world.

    Focus on the Holy solution more than any thing else.

    I have counseled this before but will do so again. FAST AND PRAY! FAST AND PRAY!

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