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I know that this site goes pretty far off-the-wall into conspiracy-world, but I have been hearing about this stuff in the mainstream media since he was campaigning for for the Democratic nomination, so I don’t think this story is nutty.

Here’s the link.

Now I must admit that I am not a huge Obama fan, but given the choices we had this election season within the two major parties, I think he was the best choice. Not because he’s black and not because he’s pro-choice, but because he exemplified true leadership while running for president in the midst of economic crisis.  He kept his cool and, while aiding in finding a solution to the economic crisis, he continued to campaign.  He multi-tasked during the campaign season, which is a vital skill for the president of anything, especially a country.

I find it sick that people are calling him the anti-Christ.  I find it sad that people act as though the world is ending because he was elected.  There are worse people out there than Obama.  We could be led by Hitler.  We could be led by an Islamic extremist who imposed Sharia law on us.  We could be plagued by government-funded genocide like Darfur.  Obama is not like any of these.  Obama is a decent man.  A Socialist for sure.  But he is a decent man and only time will prove whether or not he is a good leader.


Romans 13 does not tell me that I have to serve my country because the government says that I do.  If something violates my conscience, religious conviction, or Constitutional rights, I do not have to “obey the laws of the land.”  And I will make it public right here and right now: I am and always will be a conscientious objector.  I will not militarily serve my country because of what I believe Jesus teaches.  I won’t stand in the way of those who are serving militarily, but I cannot in good conscience do it myself.  If that makes me unAmerican, so be it.  I don’t answer to America.  I answer to a King. King Jesus, that is.

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