Proposition 8

I don’t live in California, and I really don’t have a whole lot of desire to live there, but I have been, to some extent, keeping up with the whole issue with “Proposition 8.”  In case you live in a cave, this was a proposition on the ballot there to ban same-sex marriage.  Christians and Conservatives nationwide rallied together to see to the passage of this thing.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints put large sums of money into its passage and Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church encouraged the congregation to vote in its favor.

On November 4, it passed.

The passage resulted in gay marriage advocates protesting outside of their courthouses and beating up little old Christian ladies who were being interviewed by the local media.

I’m not going to spend any time here going into my own personal opinions on homosexual marriage.  This is not the post for that.  I want to deal with the protests resulting from this proposition’s passage.

Any protest was basically uncalled-for.  These men and women had the chance to shut this proposition down by simply rallying their people to get out and vote it down.  It was not as if this decision was forced on the citizens of California via a Supreme court ruling like Roe V. Wade.  This was something on the state’s ballot for the citizens to decide for themselves.  Again, the courts did not impose this on anybody.

And the people voted.  And apparently the majority feel that marriage needs to be defined as being between one man and one woman.  The opposing view had their chance and they failed.  This proposition passed because the pro-homosexual-marriage lobby failed to get out and vote the proposition down.

Now, I am not saying that everything said by churches and those in favor of the proposition were totally honest.  There were some dishonest things said by even Saddleback.  Or so I have read.  But the point still stands that if the pro-gay-marriage people had really wanted to redefine marriage they would have made a stronger effort to put a stop to this thing.

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2 thoughts on “Proposition 8

  1. ernestt says:

    Same sex marriage supporters have played the “victim” role in portraying the Catholics, Mormons, or other Christian faiths as “hateful” and “discriminatory”.

    They demand “respect” through force while indoctrinating our school children, having marriage licenses issued unlawfully, overturning the overwhelmingly supported Prop. 22, rushing to get married “legally” before Prop. 8 was decided, then challenging the will of the people on Prop. 8.

    People of faith will defend their beliefs upholding the moral principles of marriage and protecting their children from the promoters of an immoral lifestyle. This moral battle will continue. Immorality is not “equality”. “Respect” is not force. “Education” is not indoctrinating kindergartners. Defending religious beliefs is not “hate speech”. Protecting marriage is not “discrimination”.

    The “alternative life style” typically attacks viciously, smearing persons or institutions be it governments, politicians, businesses, corporations, religious bodies, or educational institutions opposing any part of their agenda. They play the “victim” to gain sympathy for being a “discriminated minority”. The “real” victim will be people of faith who they label as having “hate speech” or “discrimination.” Look what has happened in Massachusetts or Canada for challenges to faith.

  2. beetlebabee says:

    Have you seen this Demographic Winter video? I saw it over on Kingfisher Column, the decline of the family has huge economic impact. This thing is chilling.

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