Disturbing Similarity

We were watching something on Food Network this evening for a few minutes, and a commercial came on for some product.  I wasn’t paying close attention cuz it was a commercial for some kind of cosmetic product for skin care or something of that nature, but the commercial kept saying the product was “clinically proven.”  They say this all the time, so I didn’t think much of it until I noticed the “clinically proven” seal.

This seal, which used to be a gold star-like emblem, was almost identical to the seal Obama used in his campaign.  It only flashed on the screen, and was never there for more than half a second.  And each time it flashed, it was at a different point on the screen.  It moved from corner to corner in an X-type pattern.

Because I wasn’t paying attention to the commercial and what product it was, I can’t look it up and post the video.  Nor when I search for the seal does it show up on any image search I have done.  I’ll keep looking though and see if I can post it here when I find it.

Has anyone else seen this?  Cuz I find it strange and unsettling.

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One thought on “Disturbing Similarity

  1. Loren says:

    It’s called subliminal advertising. it used to be banned (Coke, if I remember correctly, was the first to try it). Not surprising it is ok to use it now.

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