Modern Medicine

This has been a really hard week emotionally for my family.  On Tuesday, I brought my wife into the hospital because her stomach was cramping so bad that she could barely move and it was hard as a rock and realy warm.  When we got there, the nurses began what looked like prepping her for surgery.  They tried to find the baby’s heartbeat with the monitors but couldn’t, so one of the other OBGYNs on staff brought in an ultrasound machine.  They found the baby with that, and saw that her heart was beating, but a little slower than normal and that there was something just behind the uterus.  When our doctor got there, less than 10 minutes later, they rushed her off for an emergency C-section.

Less than a half hour later, a nurse came back and told us that the baby and my wife were doing well. And a few minutes after that, another nurse took my mother-in-law and I back to see the baby.  So, on May 12, 2009, at 6:02 pm Eleanor Carys Zerby was born.  She was fine, and the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) people said that she was doing and would be just fine.  But the same wasn’t necessarily true for Courtney.

She was out of it when we got into her room.  Just coming out of anesthesia and the like.  The surgery was the fastest that our doctor had ever done in his nine years of practicing, and was the worst case of Placental Abruption that he had ever seen as well.  Had we been any later than we were, Eleanor, Courtney, or both of them probably would have died.  Of course, as is typical of a trauma to the body like the one my wife experienced, there were some relatively minor complications but they were such that they could have become life-threatening if not closely watched.

One of those was my wifes blood pressure.  We are still at the hospital as I am writing this, so I am able to share with you the most recent developments in my wife’s story.

Her blood pressure is high anyway.  She suffers from what our OBGYN called Essential Hypertension.  Basically, her blood pressure is high for no apparent reason.  We are mostly Vegan, so her diet isn’t the issue.  My wife is not overweight or underweight.  There is no history of high blood pressure in her family.  There is nothing present that would normally be treated first before needing to address the high readings she gets.

But, her blood pressure has spiked since delivery.  A couple of times, the number has been in the 200’s over 100’s.  Not good.  So they have been trying to treat her spiking pressure with various medications.  And, because she is a new mother, they are doing what they can to keep it safe for her to breast feed Eleanor.  So they are limited on what medications they feel that they can use.  In fact, she asked her Cardiologist if there were any alternatives to pumping her full of medications for treatment of her high blood pressure, and was told, blatantly, no.

My wife’s story is not a new one.  In growing numbers, the benefits of natural remedies for various physical ailments are being witheld from patients.  In their place, sometimes toxic chemicals are claimed to be the only solution.

A recent case in point is what has happened to a 13 year old boy in Minnesota.  He was diagnosed with cancer and the State is trying to force his parents to make him undergo chemotherapy as opposed to natural remedies.  His mother refused and she and her son fled.  “She is now considered criminally negligent by the state — a parent who belongs behind bars and will likely be imprisoned when she is arrested at gunpoint.”

In a less serious example, my wife is being treated much the same way.  Any statement she makes in opposition to the doctor’s judgment that she take a pill is met with resistance and blatant denial or is simply ignored.  She is being forced, although not by the government, to take pills and is being refused any opportunity to even try a more natural remedy.  She has been told by her Cardiologist that there is no way to treat high blood pressure other than medication.  A kidney specialist has told her something similar in response to her objection to higher doses of a medicine called Labetalol.  Every time they give her more than a 400mg dosage, her blood pressure spikes and she immediately vomits.  This has happened on two separate occasions.  Her blood pressure is high, so they give her 400mg more.  It is even higher so they administer another dose via IV and she vomits, at which time they give her, by force through IV as well, an anti-nausea medication.  She told the kidney specialist about this, and her response was a flippant, “Oh…that medication doesn’t do that.  It makes the blood pressure go down.”  And that is the end of the conversation with her (As a side note, my wife’s high blood pressure could possibly be the result of an artery going to the kidney that has various creases in it.  The most common treatment in young people with this condition is to place a stint in the artery.  The kidney specialist mentioned this as a possible cause, and my wife asked about the stint.  The specialist responded that stints were not done in young people and that they would just prescribe her a pill).  Luckily, her Cardiologist listened and has told them not to do that ever again.  But, in place of an extra dose of Labetalol, he has added two other medications.

It is interesting that “conventional medicine is so utterly (and arrogantly) convinced that its chemicals are the one and only solution for any disease.”  Whether it is the case of the 13 year old Minnesota boy or my wife, in the eyes of the doctors, the only solution is controlled substances.  Any alternative remedy, whether natural or surgical, is not an option.  You almost get the impression that someone has a vested interest in the prescription of these medications and treatments.

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One thought on “Modern Medicine

  1. J says:

    Praying for your wife and child. Being a dad is tough. God bless

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