Why I Offend People

It seems recently that I have been saying some things that have really been causing people to take offense.  While this has not been my intention, it has been occurring nonetheless.  I think, though, that the things that people are taking offense at stem from a misunderstanding of my heart on these matters.  So, I am going to take a few moments and explain where my statements come from.


Let me make it clear that I am pro-life.  I think abortion on demand is a horrible thing and it needs to stop.  There are only a couple of reasons for someone to have an abortion that I can justify, and merely a desire to screw around is not one of them.

To explain further, the reason I feel that, in some instances, abortion is justifiable, is that it is technically a means used in Scripture of finding out if a woman has been unfaithful.  According to the Law (Numbers 5:11-31), if a husband suspects his wife of adultery, he can take her to the priest, who makes a potion out of the dust on the temple floor, and gives it to her.  If she has, her uterus spills its contents.  If she hasn’t, nothing happens.  I take this to mean that, in some instances, ending the pregnancy is ok.

In light of this thought, my take on the banning of abortion is that it simply cannot be done in one swift motion.  Abortion, sadly, has become a part of the fabric of our culture and, as a result, to remove it would weaken certain aspects of our culture.  Women have fought tooth and nail for freedom in so many ways.  To force women, even women who may die as a result of an ectopic pregnancy, for example, to keep their children would set them back in their fight for equality.

This doesn’t justify abortion.  Rather, it shows how much more complicated the issue is.  One must take into consideration the individual lives that are effected by abortion.  Not just the babies, but the mothers as well.  To outlaw abortion, protections must be in place for the mothers as well as their children.  The system must be ready for the sudden influx of children AND women who will be thrown into it.  Until it is, we simply can’t ban it.


This is another issue that seems to cause tension between myself and others.  So, let me briefly explain my stance.

I believe that homosexuality is a perversion of God’s intention for human sexuality.  People fell from original perfection, and, as a result, everything was tainted.  People traded natural relations with the opposite sex and were inflamed with desire for the same (Romans 1:25-27).  God intended for human sexuality to be expressed solely between one man and one woman.  It was intended to be a symbol of the coming back together of what God has at one time separated.  It is intended to bring mutual satisfaction.

But I will never go up to a homosexual and call him or her a pervert and tell them they are going to burn in hell for all of eternity because of it.  As a sin, homosexuality is no worse than cheating on your spouse or stealing from the local Wal-Mart.  Sin is sin, and we must treat all sin as such.  If God hates something, we should hate it to.  This means we must hate homosexuality, but this also means that we must hate stealing, adultery, and gluttony.

My Response to These Issues

It is not so much my stance on this issues that offends people so much as how I respond to them.  When someone presents me with the topic of abortion and wants me to make a stand on it, I refuse to take the hardline stance.  The same with homosexuality.  While I find each of these things sinful, I have the heart of a Pastor.  When I look at a broken humanity, my heart breaks as well.  When I look at sinful people, I don’t see them as “fags” or “murderers.”  I see them as God does: as sheep who have gone astray.  And like God, I refuse to condemn them, but rather I offer them redemption.

I truly believe that this is to not only be the heart of the Pastor, but also the heart of the one who has been truly transformed by the power of God.  We should seek to rebuild what has already been broken; to pick up those who have fallen.  We are to be the good illegal immigrant and help those who have been battered and bloodied by the evils of this world.  This is the sign of a truly changed heart.  It is the mark of a true Christian.

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4 thoughts on “Why I Offend People

  1. Lola says:

    People are offended because what you speak is the truth. They don’t understand that you’re simply sharing the guidelines that God has given for all of us. People are always going to be offended by the truth if they’re lifestyle is not in agreement with it. The moment people aren’t offended by what you say is the moment they’ve taking your words to heart & changed…until then…continue with that honest & loving “heart of a Pastor” : )

  2. Lola says:

    oh…by the way..I appreciate what you’ve said here.I ‘ve been asked and have had a hard time putting the reasons why homosexuality is wrong into words. Your explaination is exactly what I’ve been trying to get out. Thanks.

  3. Chris says:

    No, people are offended because you’re an idiot who believes in fairy tales, and you wanna legislate morality for them.

  4. stewey says:

    Hahaha Chris. Wonder if he got offended?

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