Where I Am Headed With this Thing

This blog has been all too silent over the past month or so.  There have been many reasons for that, some better than others, of course.

For starters, having a child makes blogging much harder than I ever thought it would.  For some reason, in my head, I thought that I would be able to do some writing in the morning while she was still in bed or at night after she went to sleep.  This has simply not been the case.  Save for the rare occasion when I have the time to write, every other moment is spent just doing nothing when she is asleep or catching up on reading or getting things done around the house.

Another factor has been simply a lack of bloggable thoughts.  I have plenty of brief snippets, and if you are a friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter you see those, but something that I can take beyond a hundred or so characters has just been elusive.

As a result of these two prevailing factors, among other things, I have decided that I need a plan for this thing.  I need a disciplined structure to follow for a specific period of time.  I need a set pattern of days that I write.  I need a set topic for any given period.  This ad hoc way of blogging simply doesn’t work for me.  I don’t know what I am going to cover or how I will structure things yet, but I am going to begin establishing those habits in the near future.  I need this blog far more than probably any of you readers do.  My mind feels like it is dying and I don’t like that one bit. 

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