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Myth as Fiction

yggdrasilWe don’t look for any truth other than that which can be proven through facts and experimentation. There is no physical evidence that God exists, so some take the approach that since it can’t be proven that He does, then he automatically doesn’t. Right or wrong in this illustration, even the theist views things in this same way.

This is most clearly shown when it comes to myth. Continue reading

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Blame It On God

I am a frequent lurker over at Rainn Wilson‘s brainchild Soul Pancake.  I find the discussions thought provoking.  And I like that all religions are allowed to present their views and that, with a few exceptions, all of those views, even the views of the atheists, are respected and the discussions remain fairly civil…at least as far as internet discussions go.

Not a website for the squeemish regarding theological matters, Monday’s big issue is deffinitely a big one.  In a most provocative tweet, Mr. Wilson linked to the discussion, which was a simple one: list 3 things you’re really pissed off with God about.  Like I said: it’s not for the squeemish, and unless you have a strong stomach for controversy (the title of the post alone, which I didn’t quote here, will get your blood boiling), I highly recommend you not click that link. Continue reading

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Laughing at Atheists

I hear a lot of different things on the radio when I park people’s cars. One of the most prominent things, aside from country music, is the Mike Gallagher show. I think the man is a nut job, but most of the time I can at least tolerate him. Today, though, something happened on the show that really bothered me.

During a call-in segment about McCain’s renouncing of John Hagee as an endorsement, he flat out laughed at a caller who said he didn’t believe in God. If you don’t believe me, you can listen to the segment here (click the link entitled ‘McCain’s Pastor Problem”; the atheist caller is near the end). I sat there and listened as the caller was chided and then let go from the phone lines. I got out of the car before I could hear any commentary that may have followed. Continue reading

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