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Book Review: Theology from Exile Volume II: The Year of Matthew

There seems to be a major push within modern religion to bring those of faith, no faith, little faith, and other faiths all together under one roof to worship a vague notion of some distant sky God. The book Theology from Exile is an attempt at a liturgy for just this sort of group. It is a commentary based on the Revised Common Lectionary, which is an ecumenical liturgy following the Christian calendar, and is aimed at primarily Protestant consumption. This commentary, on the contrary, is not for protestants, but for Universalist congregations. Continue reading

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Romans 2:1-16: God’s Righteous Judgment (Part 2)

We come now to another one of those passages that should give us more pause than it does.  It is also one of those passages that we are, all too often, guilty of twisting the plain meaning of so as to make the text better fit our theological position.  We do that to our own peril.  The text was not meant to conform to our beliefs but, rather, our beliefs were meant to conform to the text, even if we don’t like what the text is saying.  You will see what I mean as we study the last few verses in this section. Continue reading

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